Hi, I’m you from a different dimension

Different dimensions, parallel universes. My two personal favourite things to think about. How similar or different would the different versions of me be like? Would we be the best of friends, or would be be mortal enemies? Would we have shared similar experiences, or would our lives be completely different since birth? If we were to slow down and think about such things, we would be able to fully understand just how amazing this idea really is.

My personal favourite way of looking at this is using the tree-branch or tree-root analogy. A tree-branch always starts from the same point, but while some continue along the same path, others branch out into a completely different direction, with nothing else in common. Similarly, what if our lives are similar to our counterparts from another dimension, but one major event caused a huge divergence in our lives? Our friends and colleagues we meet after that point would’ve never occurred, and we would have a completely different set of friends and colleagues. Think about it this way. Look at your circle of friends, then look at a random stranger. What if something  happened that resulted in you never meeting your current friends, but instead you were the best of friends with that stranger.

If we were to overlap both of our lives, how similar would our lives be? Would we still have the same friends? Or the same life experiences? Possibly our same lovers? I can’t give you the answers to these questions, but one thing is for certain. I would love to meet me from a different dimension. So, hi, I’m you from a different dimension.


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