The psychological barrier of our lives. You know that feeling, we’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives. We absolutely detest this feeling, and it can sometimes paralyse us with intense trepidation. Yes, fear is ever present in our lives, and the greatest thing of it all is that while we experience it almost every other day, we don’t quite know what we’re actually dealing with. But the answer is so simple. Fear is simply uncertainty, and here’s why.

I’ll admit it. When I was younger, I had an irrational fear of the dark. Whenever the darkness decided to pay me a visit while I was home alone, I had to light up my entire house with lights. Every nook and cranny was lit up like a Christmas tree. Ah, I could finally put myself at ease until my parents came home. I’m sure you have done such a thing in your life at some point, so don’t judge. But have you ever considered why we fear the dark? It’s simple, because we are uncertain. We were uncertain of what lies out in the great beyond that is the dark. We were uncertain whether we were truly safe from anything that hid in the dark. We were uncertain.

As we grow up, our rationality starts to kick in and we slowly realize how silly we were. Our fear of the dark slowly went away, but not fear itself. We began to fear other, more realistic things. Was I going to fail my test? Am I going to die by walking across this really tall bridge? It all came down to the same principle. We were uncertain. Currently I’m studying for the A Levels, and needless to say, I fear them. Not because I know that it’s a long a tedious journey, with endless hours of revision and practice, but rather because I’m uncertain about how my future career and in fact my entire life will be like because of this one examination. Think about it, if I were to give you all the answers to a test, would you really still fear them?

I wish I could give you the panacea to fear, how we can conquer everything in our lives with courage and valour. Unfortunately I can’t. Fear is going to join us along our journey through life, sort of like an unwanted guest. Sometimes, it’s going to rob us of our most prized possession, opportunity. When we fear an action, we fall into the pit of contemplation, and more often than not, we only become certain of our course of action when it is too late and live to regret our actions (Or rather, our lack of one).

However, what we can do is believe. Believe in our capabilities, believe in your deity, believe that everything in this world happens for a reason. The power of believing is more capable than we think. When we believe, we leave all our uncertainties and worries behind and take a leap of faith. So what are you waiting for? Flip the switch and light up your life.

Edit: Just recently, I discovered that this idea is better known as the Butterfly Effect. Well, here it’s sort of a mix between parallel universes and the butterfly effect.


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