The different sides of us

Think about this with me for a minute: If you were to classify yourself into different sides, how many would there be? No, not Inside and Outside. How many different types do you have? Kinda like that movie Inside Out, but only it’s more than just emotions. It’s your entire personality, how you act. (Personally, I didn’t actually see the movie, so forgive me if my analogy is slightly off).

I believe that everybody has three sides: One we show our loved ones, one we show our friends and the last one, we don’t show anyone but ourselves. We act very differently in these three situations, especially for the third option, so here’s what I wonder. What if that side split from us, and became a separate entity for us to interact with. How would it be like?

Imagine it: She/He is standing right in front of you. She/He looks identical to you, for the simple reason that that person is you (well, at least one side of you). But, chances are, that person isn’t as rational as you. That person is the epitome of your darkest secrets: lust, sadness, anger, etc, and you’re just standing there. What do you do?

Personally, I would be afraid of my other side, for the simple reason that that side is not a pleasant person. That person suffers from paranoia, low self-esteem and anger from overwhelming frustration. Keep in mind, that these traits are not who I am on a day-to-day basis, but it shows every now and then. I imagine that I would just be standing there, helpless as he implodes from his darkest secrets, and that truly petrifies me.

So, who is this other side of you? The side you hide, never to be seen by anyone? Chances are, that person is going to be the exact opposite of how you act in front of others. Find out who that side is, and hopefully, console him/her before he evolves to something much more than just a side.