It is truly fascinating, the kinds of people you come across in the army. You’ll meet the nicest, friendliest and most helpful people in the world. Yet simultaneously, we will meet the nastiest, most obnoxious and downright rude scum as well. I’ve been lucky that the people around me have been relatively great, but sometimes, like in the event of today, luck runs out. 

TIFU by committing a safety breach by leaving certain items unattended, and it’s horrifying how your whole day can be turned upside down in 10 seconds. As we share the training grounds with another unit at the moment, there are also other commanders roaming about here and there, and I was ever so “fortunate” to come across a particular Platoon Sergeant from the other unit. Well, he didn’t take too kindly to my slip-up and decided it would be a great idea to fuck me up in front of the recruits, as well as to report me directly to higher ups. It seemed like he was out for blood, and judging by how he tried staring straight at me while threatening me of the consequences, that seemed to be the case. 

Long story short, I managed to escape Judgement Day because of my network, but I’m still left disheartened. I was simply a mode of frustration venting, and I bore the brunt of it. 

This particular unit does not want to be in my camp. They’d very much rather be training back on their own turf, where their own rules apply. This simply leads to a lot of pent-up anger among the commanders, and all that aggression has to go somewhere. Somewhere, or someone. 

There’s a whole lot of tension between this unit and the rest of the camp, and I have this strong suspicion as to why. Essentially, everyone likes to make their problem someone elses. Anger built up in A will be vented on B, and B will repeat the cycle back to A because they feel indignant. Perhaps I couldn’t really feel it was because I had quite a lot of close friends in this unit. 

I never understood this phenomenon, where we are so easily driven into action by emotions, particularly negative emotions. Emotions always clouds our judgement, and thus impairs our competency to act logically. Seems like logic and emotion are always at odds, you can never get them to work together. How you can simply start acting like a bitch with someone you barely even know is beyond me. 

I try my best to always let cooler heads prevail, but it’s starting to feel like I’m the only one who feels that way. 

This particular Platoon Sergeant and his unit is fed up with how things are run in my camp and want to return back to their home ground. 

I guess that’s the only thing he and I have in common. 


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